Mitch is here. (venadium) wrote in britneyalliance,
Mitch is here.


Pray for death, silly Pop children.
We are here to pillage and plunder, and also to put an end to what you call "music", this fake teen corporate whore Britney Spears, who's probably only sang once in her life, and lip-syched to that same tape every other time she performs. You are fools for giving her money, for what you consider "music". Do you think she would be able to "sing" the way she did in her appearances the way she dances around like the slut she is, all the time still singing, yet when the "song" is over, they turn her mic back on, and she is out of breath?

Prepare for Space War, britneyalliance, for we are Space Pirates, and we will now begin our bombing runs. Surrender! Watchers of MTV, you have neither the wit nor the brain cells to repel our attacks!

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